Published Paper : Developing a Digitisation Dashboard for Industry-Level Analysis of the ICT Sector

Published Paper : Developing a Digitisation Dashboard for Industry-Level Analysis of the ICT Sector
Category: Milestone

The digital revolution in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector necessitates advanced analytical tools to understand industry dynamics and support strategic decision-making. This article presents the development of a digitization Dashboard for industry-level analysis of the ICT sector. The study aims to fill the research gap in comprehensive industry-level analytical instruments and provide valuable insights for managers, policymakers, and industry stakeholders. The research questions focus on identifying technological advancements, understanding interconnections between technologies, and predicting industry growth.
A comprehensive literature review was conducted, covering various sectors related to ICT, digitization trends, and industry-level analysis. The review highlighted the need for a specialized Dashboard to integrate and visualize data across diverse technological domains within the ICT sector.
The methodology employed a hybrid approach using Design Science Research, combining quantitative data analysis with qualitative data for software development. Industry data, including patent analysis and technological trends, were collected, and processed during the analysis phase. Prototypes of the Dashboard were developed based on requirements from literature and industry standards in the design and development phase. The Dashboard underwent iterative improvements based on user feedback and usability testing.
The evaluation of the digitization Dashboard assessed its functionality, usability, and effectiveness in providing industry-level insights. The results demonstrate that the Dashboard offers valuable visual representations, trend analysis, and forecasting capabilities, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions.
Limitations of the study include the reliance on qualitative data analysis, limiting the inclusion of quantitative insights, and the need for further validation of the Dashboard’s impact in real-world scenarios and diverse groups of users.
Future research should explore the integration of more machine learning techniques on patent data sources and user-centric evaluations to enhance the comprehensiveness and applicability of the digitization Dashboard. Continuous updates and expansions of the Dashboard functionalities are needed to accommodate emerging technological trends and evolving industry dynamics.